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if satoph were canon, and lin had a kid with tenzin, that kid would be a descendant of all four nations.
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next book Korra better fuckin get a statue, a parade in her honor, and her own international holiday at the very least because holy shit

you don’t understand we don’t need a holiday for Korra the avatar. We need a holiday for Korra the fucking amazing badass human being

You know who needs to be given a statue? The creators… and that statue is called an Emmy.

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burned my hand curling my hair today

worth it

Man listen….

Wow, you are INCREDIBLY beautiful.  I am stunned.

You look like one of those Sky Dancer dolls. Oh my gosh. 

This is some anime shoujo shit here so fucking glamorous

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For the fact thing: There's an owl that has followed my family around since they first came to America. I've seen the owl before; it's actually quite frightening. I dunno if it's the same one as the one my great grandfather saw, but we actually have a drawing in our house of the bird.



awote (late response because of time zones! I was asleep when you sent me this, haha) That’s so fascinating! I’ve heard this story of a man who died in a skiing accident in the mountains and according to the indigenous people of the area, he came back as a raven to watch over his family. Could be that this owl is some sort of spirit guide, who knows. But this is a really interesting story! 

My mom and I have always had a strong connection with animals, so animal stories always captivate me. In my teens, I vacationed in Italy, and was sitting on the beach near some cliffs and shrubbery when a small young lizard crawled up to me (it was less than 4 inches long with its tail). I thought it would make a run for it when I moved, but instead, when I reached out my hand, it decided that I was harmless, and crawled onto my hand. He was sitting there, and closed his eyes and just seemed to feel really safe and happy, enjoying the sun. After a while, I put the little fellow in one of the nearby bushes. Guess what? He came back! XD

That is truly amazing.
rhoeysama everybody. Goddess of the animals XD
*seriously tho that is really friggin cool

You make me sound like an anime character, hahaha. <3 

It’s one of my favorite stories to this day. :)

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